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A More Play-Full Future
Our Centaur Future

Project TLDR

At the convergence of man and machine lies a Centaur Future. But what shape should that convergence take?

In the now, the near, and the next, it’s clear that we’ll be living (working, playing, learning, and creating) with more human-like technology than we’ve ever dealt with before, drawing to mind fear-inducing scenarios that feel straight out of science fiction while simultaneously calling on us to look more closely at what, exactly, makes and keeps us human.

‍What does this mean for our relationship with technology? For our relationship with our humanity? For how we think about the physical, the digital, and the spaces in between?

Over 10 weeks, we'll explore these very topics far & wide. Mining for signals. Exploring rabbitholes, consulting with experts, speaking with sources. Synthesizing, writing, editing, polishing and publishing into nearly 100 pages of interactive, immersive media on play.

All funds will compensate the project team and community contributors, and fund the RADAR treasury to produce future reports.

Research at RADAR strives to deliver independent, rigorous, and approachable reporting that seeks above all to compensate contributors equitably.

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Who is the team executing on this project

Keely Adler

Research Instigator

Cultural Futurism @ Dentsu Creative; Core Team @ RADAR

Athena Chen

Primary Author

Insights @ WGSN; Bylines in Wallpaper China, VICE music channel Noisey, The Artling, and more.

Alexi Gunner

Primary Author

Freelance Cultural & Creative Strategist; Author of Idle Gaze; ex-AKQA, We Are Social

Helen Job

Primary Author

Head of Research @ Space10; Associate Lecturer @ University of the Arts London; ex-WGSN, MTV, Flamingo

Akash Das

Community Synthesist

Co-Founder & Futures Lead @ MeWeStudioX; Speculative Designer, Futures Researcher, & Design Educator

Mariana Meireles

Experimental Specialist

Software Engineer & Independent Researcher; Subject Matter Expert & Lecturer @ Women of Color Code, NASA, Harvard, & More

Sergio Ariza

Project Manager

Governance Lead @ RADAR; Facilitator & Strategist

Brianne Johnson & Agalia Tan


Strategists and Wordsmiths at Dentsu Creative & We Are Social

This project is looking for:

We’re looking for individual and partner patrons to support our exploration; 

  • Patrons are individual supporters who are excited about Our Centaur Future. They believe in high-quality decentralized research and want to be part of making it happen. In an upcoming mint, we’ll launch patron NFTs at two tiers — The Angel & The Advocate. 

  • Partners are like-minded brands, funds, and other organizations that share our interest in bringing this future to life. They’re co-signers invested in the mutual benefit of this work bearing fruit. In the same mint, we’ll offer organizations the opportunity to support RADAR’s research *also* at two tiers: The Supporter & The Sponsor. 

We’re looking for contributors

  • We believe the future is multiplayer, and that the more committed and thoughtful brains, hands, and resources we can put behind a vision of the future, the more likely we’ll all be to manifest — and benefit from — its fruition

  • While we’re got a great team and community already getting started, we’re also looking for developers to help us build experiments during our centaur future cycle, so if you’ve got technical skills we’re going to be releasing a series of briefs with small bounties! Join us

  • We’re still looking for research contributors, so if you’re a researcher, futurist or curious human with an interest in the relationship between man and machine, share your skillset and email and we’ll send you an invite to join the community!

Benefits for Patrons

Collect 1 or more editions and get

  • 3 month of access to Our Centaur Future content searches in RADAR Mind
  • Weekly email updates featuring TLDRs, Signals and community quotes
  • Exclusive Artwork by Domingo Beta
  • 2 complimentary tickets to Into The Future
  • 3/3 print posters created via AI-Artist collaboration and inspired by the research
  • Up to 5 attendees in two participatory RADAR insight & ideation sessions

Funding Goals



  • Over the course of first handful of weeks, we’ll dive deep into this possible future using both primary and secondary research to explore the underpinnings of what’s happening, as well as unpack the consequences and future-forward implications of the topic at hand.

  • We’ll also tap into the wisdom of the DAO, leveraging conversation threads to crowdsource information and inspiration from the RADAR community.



  • As we begin to converge, expert interviews and qualitative research will bring color and texture to our narrative. We believe in redefining what expertise looks like and who is considered an expert, so we’re always bringing in unexpected perspectives. 

  • The Project Team will surface the insights they’ve gathered to the community in the form of a one-page overview and brief presentation.

  • This moment of convergence will set the stage for our Futures Mapping process and give the community an opportunity to get excited about what’s to come.


Future Map

  • Using a philosophy of 3 P’s, our Futures Mapping approach helps us set the path for incubating our better future — finding the intersection between the Push and Pull in order to Plot our path forward.

  • Through a series of sessions, we’ll gather critical voices in the community — from the Project Team to the Research and Incubate Squads and beyond to bring our map of the future to life.


Report & Release

  • What’s a research process without a report? We’ve thought long and hard about what will make a RADAR report unique from its web2 counterparts — about how we can leverage the superpowers of this community to really create something special that your traditional consultancy couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do.

  • You can expect a dynamic experience that’s inspired by the theme itself, so much more than just a simple deck. A built-in feedback loop, with interactive opportunities that draw the public in. And a choose-your-own-adventure vibe, because futures simply aren’t straight lines.

  • We then turn our reports into briefs packed with opportunities, case studies and inspirations so they can build the next big thing. We believe in taking accountability to make our research a reality.

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